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    U.S. CORTEC CO.  has experienced over 40 years’ development and  now become the leader of worldwide Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor Technology. More  than 10 series and 200 kinds of high effective and non-pollution VCI products  have been approved by U.S. Military, Medical & FDA, and applied to over 70  countries all over the world.
    Shanghai Dragon  Creation Technology Co., Ltd.,as U.S. CORTEC Co.’s agent in China, will insist on the theory of  “All-Around Corrosion Inhibition” from CORTEC, employed many advance engineers of corrosion  inhibition technology and set up excellent after-sales system, can provide high  effective, economical and close environmental protective all-around VCI  products and circumspect technical services.



Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor

VCI is abbreviation of Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor, which is a special compound gasified corrosion inhibitor. VIC molecule has higher gasified pressure than air. In normal temperature, VCI module is gas status and will form a flat odd module gas safeguard on the surface of metal and strengthen the effect of anti-corrosion. For the product packing, anti-corrosion liquid, anti-corrosion oil and anti-corrosion painting, anti-corrosion powder all have the component of VCI, corrosion inhibition effect is high performance and long support.

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